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Engage with Shelley Goldman, Annie Camey Kuo, Rose K. Pozos, Melissa Mesinas & Kimiko E. Lange | Event Archive

Date(s): Tuesday, December 1, 2020
15:00 – 16:00, Oslo, Norway time zone

During this Engage with Ideas event participants had a chance to engage with five scholars from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education: Shelley Goldman, Annie Camey Kuo, Rose K. Pozos and Melissa Mesinas. The online event was attended by well over 50 participants spanning the globe. To widen the accessibility the event was broadcasted on the UDD YouTube TV Channel.

Liv Merete Nielsen kicked off the session by introducing the Design Literacy International Network’s purpose. Then, Alejandra Amenabar, Dean of the Facultad de Diseño at the Universidad del Desarrollo, outlined the importance of the Design Literacy International Network’s goals in the context of Chile. This was followed by Úrsula Bravo, who introduced the idea behind the Engage with Ideas and introduce the event’s speakers. The presentation, which was moderated by Erik Bohemia, generated plenty of discussion around issues of how to conceptualise various generic elements which make up the Design Thinking and how these elements are organised by the facilitators. The Design Literacy International Network will aim to explore these and other concepts in the futures events. The video’s postproduction was done by Malin Tønder and simultaneous translation from English to Spanish was done by Jazmín Silva and Laura Erazo.

Shelley GoldmanAnnie Camey KuoRose K. PozosMelissa Mesinas, and Kimiko E. Lange have discuss their research article published in the special issue of Revista Chilena de Diseño, RChD: creación y pensamiento special issue Vol. 5 Núm. 8 (2020) on the theme of Design Literacy for All.

The editorial outlining the scope of special journal issue in Spanish and English is can be downloaded from this link  RChD 2020 v5 n8 Editorial Espanol English Design Literacy

Goldman, Kuo, Pozos, Mesinas and Lange’s article titled Empowering Teachers through Design Thinking: Developing Learning Prototypes for Multilingual Students outlines a methodology to facilitate intervention through Design Thinking in the practice of primary school teachers. The research team partnered with teachers from primary schools to address a critical problem of practice to explore how to best support the academic development of the primary teachers’ multilingual students. The research team conducted the project for over a year with 26 teachers from five elementary schools in California. Teachers were provided with professional development on the Design Thinking process to help them nurture empathy, discover, and build supports for their multilingual students who are in the process of learning English. The main outcome was the shift in thinking of the primary teachers from delivering a prescriptive learning approach to a significant learning one where the student experience is central to the way learning is designed.

The paper can be access on the Revista Chilena de Diseño, RChD: creación y pensamiento portal on this link.

Event recording in English:

Click on the yellow dots above the video player control bar to navigate between the different chapters of the video.

Event recording with live Spanish translation (translation done by Jazmín Silva and Laura Erazo):

Shelley Goldman

Shelley Goldman is an educational anthropologist studying learning in and out of school. Her current work is committed to incorporating and researching design for broadening participation in K-12 learning. Goldman works with administrators, teachers, and students to engage design thinking for innovating and creating more opportunities for teaching and learning. She is a Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and by Courtesy, Mechanical Engineering–Design Program.

Annie Camey Kuo

Annie Camey Kuo is the Director of Research-Practice Partnerships for Understanding Language in the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her work focuses on building systems of support for multilingual students with schools, states, and organizations. Before coming to Stanford, Annie worked with teachers and international school leaders in supporting culturally and linguistically diverse students at the University of Washington, where she received her P in Language, Literacy, and Culture. Her areas of interest include design thinking, project-based language learning, and professional development.

Rose Pozos

Rose Pozos is a PhD Candidate in the Learning Sciences and Technology Design program at Stanford University. She currently has three primary research areas: design thinking to support curriculum design, equitable computer science education, and home-based learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Before coming to Stanford, Rose was a research assistant at the New York Hall of Science, working on research and development of educational technologies to bridge formal and informal learning spaces.

Kimiko E. Lange

Kimiko E. Lange is a doctoral candidate at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.  Her work and research focus on multilingual teachers, teacher education, and how teachers share authority with students through language.  Prior to her time at Stanford, Kimiko was a classroom teacher for 8 years.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Japanese Language and Literature from Wellesley College, and a master’s degree in Learning and Teaching from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Melissa Mesinas

Melissa Mesinas is a doctoral candidate at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on the Indigenous education transnational communities from Oaxaca, Mexico teach their youth in the United States and how it impacts the youth’s learning and developmental processes. Prior to her time at Stanford, Melissa was a Fulbright Fellow as an English Teaching Assistant in the Universidad del Altiplano in Puno, Peru. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Hispanic Studies from Scripps College.

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