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Engage with Eva Lutnæs | Event Archive | Design Literacy International Network event

Engage with Eva Lutnæs | Event Archive | Design Literacy International Network event


Tuesday, October 20, 2020    
15:00 CEST – 16:00 CEST

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Eva Lutnæs has discussed her research article published in the special issue of  Revista Chilena de Diseño, RChD: creación y pensamiento special issue Vol. 5 Núm. 8 (2020) on the theme of Design Literacy for All.

The editorial outlining the scope of special journal issue in Spanish and English is can be downloaded from this link RChD 2020 v5 n8 Editorial Espanol English Design Literacy

Eva’s paper titled Empowering Responsible Design Literacy: Identifying Narratives in a New Curriculum,  opened the special issue. Eva documented the possibility of Design Literacy to help educate more informed and responsible citizens. She did this by interrogating the new national Norwegian curriculum in the Arts and Crafts subject area. Then she mapped out specific opportunities and challenges for Design skills to be embedded in K-12 education. The paper presented an interesting national curricular response that created an opportunity for Design literacy to be incorporated within the K-12 general education system. Although this idea was promoted two decades ago, Eva Lutnæs provides an account of how it can be operationalized. Thus, the critical aspect of Lutnæs’ contribution was that the outlined national educational initiative can serve as a model for other groups looking at Design as a possible educational framework. The paper can be access on the Revista Chilena de Diseño, RChD: creación y pensamiento portal on this link

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Eva Lutnæs is a professor in art and design education at Oslo Metropolitan University, and a professor II at Volda University College. She is head of the research group Design Literacy that focus on progression in design education from kindergarten to PhD and the role of design education in promoting responsible citizenship towards more sustainable societies. Lutnæs work as a lower secondary teacher alongside her position as a professor and this unique position allows her to advance knowledge and innovation in the interplay between the sectors. The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training has tasked Lutnæs with developing the national subject Art and Crafts curriculum. As an internationally awarded academic she has demonstrated the expertise of making research relevant across educational levels on topics such as assessment, responsible creativity, design literacy and education for sustainable development.

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