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Noël Guillermina | Event Archive | 16th Design Literacy International Network event

Noël Guillermina | Event Archive | 16th Design Literacy International Network event


Tuesday, March 1, 2022    
15:00 CET – 16:00 CET


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Health Design: The New Design Literacies

This March Design Literacy Engage with Ideas talk titled Health Design: The New Design Literacies, Noël Guillermina will explore how Design can help to mitigate the current challenges posed to healthcare systems by chronic disease and aging populations. Covid-19 and associated deaths highlighted how acute is this challenge becoming. Noël asks:

  • But are we ready for it?
  • What is necessary for designers to help face current healthcare challenges?
  • Are design programs preparing students to face these challenges?

She argues that designers are increasingly entering sphere of Design for Health and Well Being. Five years ago, Guillermina (2017) suggested that Design for Health requires designers and those involved in the design processes to develop new skills and competences.

Noël will use her article titled Health Design: Mapping current situations, envisioning next steps which was published by the Design Journal to cover these points in her talk:

  • Knowledge and skills in communication, service or industrial design to address complex healthcare problems.
  • Knowledge of theories and methods related to design.
  • Knowledge of scientific methods in order to gain insight through research done by other professionals in different fields.
  • Ability to develop research to understand problems, propose solutions, test effectiveness, provide evidence that the solution proposed is appropriate for the healthcare context and group of users, and to monitor implementation.
  • Ability to listen to different points of view, and work in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to understand complex healthcare environments and the connections between different areas (home, ward, hospital, organization, Ministry of Health); to be aware that a solution for a group of users might not work for others: to be aware of technical languages, knowledge differences, values and preferences, needs, expectations, and ways of doing research in healthcare.

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Event recording in SPANISH

The talk is part of the Engage with Ideas monthly series, which explore the relationship between design, education, and society. Recordings from the past Engage with Ideas sessions are available here.

Guillermina NoëlDr. Guillermina Noël applies a human-centred, evidence-based, and outcomes-oriented design approach. Over the last eighteen years she has been doing research with healthcare professionals, researchers and managers to reduce antibiotic prescription, change nutritional habits, improve safety in hospitals, communicate best practices to healthcare practitioners, and foster clinician and patient conversations to restore health. Guillermina is the Head of the Design Management International Bachelor programme at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts in Switzerland. She believes that in design we learn about the world through action and through action we change it.


Noël, G. (2017). Health Design: Mapping current situations, envisioning next steps. The Design Journal, 20(sup1), S2304-S2314.


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