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Engage with Gonzalo Castillo | Design Literacy International Network event

Date(s): Tuesday, November 2, 2021
15:00 – 16:00, Oslo, Norway time zone

Gonzalo Castillo in his talk titled “Embracing Complexity: a New Adaptive Challenges”  will reflect on the role of design in the business strategies of the last 30 years in Chile. The discussion will focus on the pending challenges for designers and the need to assume leadership in the ecosystem of innovation and value creation in organizations and educate the company decision-makers in design approaches to generate human-centred innovations.

The session is based on Gonzalo’s book “Design is Dead, Long Live Design”, a reflection on the profound changes experienced by design and designers in the last 30 years. This book provides an updated and contextualized vision of the opportunities that this powerful transformation tool opens up for societies like ours.

Event recording:

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A case study titled Inacap: Innovation in Educational Management through Service Design // Inacap: innovar en gestión educacional a través del diseño de servicio
published in the Base #2 · Diseño para la Educación del Siglo provides examples of a project which specifically illustrates issues when undertaking a Service Design.

Gonzalo CastilloGonzalo is the founder and CEO of Procorp, a strategic design Company.
Together with his team, he has won the “Chile Diseño Award” 5 times and the “Chile Diseño Award for the Trajectory” by the Chilean community of designers.
In 2017 received the National Design Award granted by the Ministry of the Cultures of Chile.He is a regular speaker on issues of design and service design. Gonzalo is a co-creator and professor of the Diploma in Service Design at the Catholic University of Chile. He is currently adjunct professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo.
Gonzalo is the author of “Design is Dead, Long Live Design”.


The talk will be given in English and will be simultaneously translated into Spanish. // La charla se dictará en inglés y contará con traducción simultánea en castellano.

The upcoming talk is part of the Engage with Ideas monthly series, which explore the relationship between design, education, and society. Recordings from the past Engage with Ideas sessions are available here.


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procorp. (2016). Inacap: innovar en gestión educacional a través del diseño de servicio. Base Diseño E Innovación, (2), 286–297. Recuperado a partir de


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