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Engage with Derya Yorgancıoğlu | Event Archive | Design Literacy International Network event

Engage with Derya Yorgancıoğlu | Event Archive | Design Literacy International Network event


Tuesday, January 5, 2021    
15:00 CET – 16:00 CET


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Derya Yorgancıoğlu and Sevinç Tunalı discussed their research article published in the special issue of Revista Chilena de Diseño, RChD: creación y pensamiento special issue Vol. 5 Núm. 8 (2020) on the theme of Design Literacy for All.

The editorial outlining the scope of special journal issue in Spanish and English is can be downloaded from this link  RChD 2020 v5 n8 Editorial Espanol English Design Literacy

In the research article Yorgancıoğlu and Tunalı explored how the studio learning culture (Schön 1985) supports students to develop Design Literacy. In the paper titled paper titled Critique’s Role in the Development of Design Literacy in Beginning Design Education they propose that learning to critique, which is an integral part of the studio learning culture (Brocato, 2009; Goldschmidt, Hochman & Dafni, 2010) is a component of Design Literacy in itself. They discuss pedagogical devices that might support the development of Design Literacy within the studio environment, and they propose that the awareness of Design Literacy amongst the student cohort should grow in succeeding levels of undergraduate architecture education. Thus, the authors provide the necessary groundwork for future research to explore this suggested growth of Design Literacies in succeeding levels of education.

The paper can be access on the Revista Chilena de Diseño, RChD: creación y pensamiento portal on this link

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Derya Yorgancioglu

Dr. Derya Yorgancıoğlu is an assistant professor in architecture at Özyeğin University Faculty of Architecture and Design. Yorgancıoğlu worked as research student at the Research and Implementation Centre for Built Environment and Design (RICBED) of METU Faculty of Architecture between 2006-2010. Yorgancıoğlu also worked as assistant professor at the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University between 2011-2017. Yorgancıoğlu conducted short-term research studies as a visiting scholar at Queen’s University of Belfast, Center for Educational Development (CED) in 2017 and at Indiana University Bloomington, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning in 2018. She is awarded a two-year grant from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and conducted a research on teaching and learning as a reflective practice in architectural education. Her research interests cover architectural design, architectural education, design studio pedagogy, learning space design, and scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education.

Sevinç TunalıDr. Sevinç Tunalı completed her undergraduate degrees in Counselling Psychology Program and Teacher Training Program in Gifted Education (Double Major) at Istanbul University, Hasan Ali Yucel Faculty of Education in 2005. She completed her Master’s degree in Teacher Training Program in Gifted Education at Istanbul University in 2007. She attained M.A courses in Faculty of Education-Curriculum, Teaching & Learning at California State- Sonoma State University for Pre-Doctoral study. She graduated from Ph.D. program in Curriculum and Instruction at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2014. She continued her academic career as Assistant Professor in different universities in Istanbul.

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Schön, D. A. (1985). The Design Studio: An Exploration of its Traditions and Potentials. London: RIBA Publications Limited.


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