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Engage with Bryan Howell & Jan Willem Hoftijzer | Design Literacy International Network event

Date(s): Tuesday, May 3, 2022
15:00 – 16:00, Oslo, Norway time zone

Visual Literacy, including Design Sketching is rapidly evolving in contemporary culture. Bryan Howell, Brigham Young University, and Jan Willem Hoftijzer, Technical University of Delft, in their talk Visual Literacy and Design Sketching, will discuss how sketching research in design education is primed for reinterpretation and new contextualisation.

Sketch representing transition from text to visual

Bryan and Jan suggest that new visual technologies have seeded the ground to reassess our relationships with the role and values of sketching education and visual literacy. They will explore sketching in analogue and digital environment, including face to face and online education, as well as in static and dynamic content. They propose that Design Sketching facilitate a generative, explanatory, and representational visual knowledge.

Join Bryan and Jan as they will discuss their journey to expand non-written research outputs through visual papers and our efforts to redefine a design sketching taxonomy.



Bryan is a Co-leader of the Design Society’s Sketching SIG and Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at Brigham Young University, USA. His research involves designerly ways of teaching, colour perception, design entrepreneurship, and visual knowledge. With his collaborators and he sponsors conference research tracks and workshops for international design organisations. Professionally, he provides an expert witness services to global technology corporations, manage our Industrial Design Managers forum, and consult on Design Management issues, including R&D process, intellectual property, and recruiting.



Jan Willem HoftijzerJan is a coordinator and teacher within the design sketching and visualisation discipline, and Co-leader of the Design Society’s Sketching SIG. He manages a team of experts in the field of design visualisation. I’ve been trained as an industrial designer, worked for several design companies, and practice and apply experience and knowledge in research and education. Specific areas of expertise: design sketching, drawing, visualisation, creativity, and design-for-DIY. MSc. in Industrial Design Engineering TU Delft.

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